Hiring for Cultural Fit: Why It Matters and How to Do It Right

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By Luciana Oliveira

Understanding and considering how employees may add value to your company culture is important. Their engagement with your company culture is what we know as cultural fit. Bringing cultural fit into your company mostly demands your hiring process. 

The core benefits of hiring for the cultural fit may include the following:

  • Employee satisfaction.
  • Engagement.
  • Productivity.
  • Retention.

If you think deeply, you will understand that these are the areas of improvement you wanted from the start. So, there is no time to waste but focus on your hiring process.

As a company owner, if you want to create a great company culture, you will need to focus on your hiring process. This is a situation where you cannot just start taking interviews, but you also need to focus on your hiring process and train employees first. 

This paper is for the owners, recruiters and hiring managers who prepare the job descriptions and then take interviews. While the hiring process is going to play a crucial role, you cannot omit the importance of job descriptions, where you need to mention your company culture and your expectations from the person.

Why Does Cultural Fit Matter?

Your company goals, working environment and factors decide the company culture when you are aware of the facts and facets related to the company goals that will largely relate to the employees and their perspectives. 

Here understanding the cultural fit is essential otherwise; you will not be able to hire prominent employees as the recruiter. Well, there is a lot to explore before you start hiring employees who fit your company culture. 

For instance, if a company owner believes in open workplace culture and, in turn, the employees are introverts and love to keep privacy intact, then there is no cultural fit available in the workplace.

Over 70% of people want to know the company culture before they apply for the job. People are getting smart, and they are focusing more on their perspectives and future goals to relate with the company. 

A cultural fit to the company can create a huge difference in dealing with the job satisfaction of the employees and ultimately bringing revenue to the company at the end of every financial year.

How To Hire For Cultural Fit?

Before you start hiring with the goal of considering cultural fit, you need to understand that personal similarities and cultural fit are different. 

You may like the approach of a person and their attitude, but that does not mean that person fits your company culture. It was never about the personal choice but your company’s perspectives that mattered the most.

Follow these steps to get cultural fit on board this year. 

Define Your Company Culture

As a recruiter, your main concern should be to relate to people by letting them understand your company culture. The more they are aware of your company culture, the better it is for you.

Their understanding of your company is going to give you a better chance to understand their insights and perspectives.

Train Your Hiring Staff On The Discussion Of Company Culture With Applicants

Before you start the interview procedures or press the job descriptions to the sites, it’s important to train your employees to understand your company culture and also relate people to the process. 

This is not enough to understand just your culture; you have to start creating conversations that mean something to the candidates. 

First, train your employees and then start taking interviews with appropriate approaches. 

Give An Immersive Look At Your Company Culture

Only stating your company culture to the new candidates might not be enough, but you can make the interview process a little bit more interesting. Giving them enough visual attention may help generate a better resolution to cultural fit. 

It’s time to showcase some important cultural extensions of your company and make them prominent to the candidates. 

Factor Dei Into Your Hiring Process

Considering the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) process is an advanced step to promote your company culture to some extent. 

Try to develop an inclusive interview process by highlighting the diversity and openness of your workplace. Following the trend can be a key factor in this process. Try to follow these steps to ensure a better req

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