A Beginner’s Guide To Gatwick Airport Parking

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By Luciana Oliveira

Gatwick Airport is located in West Sussex, 47.48 kilometres south of Central London.

It’s Britain’s second-busiest airport and Europe’s ninth. Gatwick airport sees 10 million people a year.

The airport features North and South terminals. Shuttles between the North and South Terminals leave every few minutes and take two minutes.

British Airways, EasyJet UK, as well as TUI Airways fly to over 230 destinations from Gatwick.

Gatwick’s travellers may stay at neighbouring airport hotels. Gatwick was the first airport with a direct rail route.

Gatwick Express is a London-to-Airport train. Many Gatwick customers desire inexpensive, close-to-the-terminals parking.

Parkos makes it simple to get inexpensive Gatwick parking for the North or South terminals.

Cheap Gatwick Parking

Gatwick is one of four London airports. As London’s City grew, aviation traffic surged.

South East England and also the Midlands are served by major airports. There are proposals to utilize Gatwick’s Northern Runway.

This might let Gatwick handle 75 million people each year. While official Gatwick long-stay car parks will expand, demand will be high.

Parkos offers economical long-term Gatwick airport parking. Nobody likes overpaying for Gatwick parking.

Gatwick Airport Parking Options

Airport parking is common. Many individuals choose to drive themselves to the airport rather than use public transportation.

Airport parking is beneficial for families with small children and the disabled. After an overseas vacation, returning to your own automobile is less stressful.

Public transportation may not be an option if your flight is delayed. Gatwick has three parking choices.

Park-and-Ride, Meet-and-Greet, and Hotel-and-Parking. Easy, affordable, and handy solutions abound.

While some will need you to employ a shuttle service that comes with a free transfer bus, others will let you proceed straight to the terminal without any stops.

Once you reach your airport hotel, Hotel and Parking, take care of your automobile.

Gatwick Parking Hotel

If your flight leaves at an ungodly hour in the morning, you may want to think about spending the night at one of the hotels located inside Gatwick Airport.

Parkos can arrange an airport hotel stay and parking. The hotel provides a means of transport to Gatwick the following day. We’ll help you handle any concerns if they arise.

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