10 Trending Color Palettes for Your Spring Wedding

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By Anna Marikar

With spring right around the corner, many brides will be looking to create an unforgettable wedding. Today, we look at some of the most popular color schemes for this year’s spring weddings.

With a plethora of pretty hues to use as inspiration for your wedding color palette, your favorite spring colors are a great option for this season’s wedding decor.

spring color palette for wedding flowers

How to choose your wedding colors

It’s recommended to go for three colors. You want your color scheme to be cohesive and not over powering or messy.

Your wedding day is all about you, so pick a color palette that reflects your own style, and suits your preferences as a couple.

Wedding planning is a big deal because you will be looking back at these photographs for many years to come, and you want everything to look it’s best. Choosing the right colors gives you the perfect backdrop for all of your wedding memories.

Speaking of the wedding photos, in addition to your main wedding photographer, you can use a wedding photo sharing app to collect and share any photos taken by your guests on the big day.

Sometimes guests take that one perfect un-staged shot that magically captures a moment, so this is definitely worth doing.

10 Spring color palette options for your wedding color schemes

In the past couple years, there’s been a change in the color palette being used in weddings. Instead of a traditional white wedding, couples are increasingly opting to go with color.

Here’s a quick overview of 10 of our favorite and most popular color palettes for spring weddings.

Neutral palette

We just called about color, but a neutral palette will never go out of style, no matter the season. Even with a classic white wedding, you can add hints of color in neutral tones and Spring is the perfect time of year to take this a little Earthy.

neutral wedding color scheme with earth tones

Subtle green shades and Earth tones compliment off-white to make a gorgeous understated Spring wedding palette, with a touch of bronze.

This neutral color palette works for indoor or outdoor weddings, and is a timeless look.

white neutral wedding colors

Rose Gold and Blush

Rose gold has been on trend for the past few years and pairs perfectly with blush or dusty rose shades.

This gives you a more mature color palette than sticking with traditional pale pinks. Rose gold and blush is a combination that is soft, yet regal.

Go for blush bouquets, with pops of fresh greenery to accentuate the Spring mood, with soft blush table settings or blush pink table linens.

blush rose wedding flowers

Dusty rose bridesmaid dresses or blush bridesmaid dresses are extremely popular choices. As well as the color of the dress, the fit is also important in finding the right bridesmaid dress to flatter each bridesmaid’s shape and body.

You can go with a similar color palette for each girl, with a different cut of dress for each one if you are working with different body types, heights and so on. You don’t need to have all of the bridesmaid’s in an identical dress, take a look and find a prom dress to suit you, to get tips on the best cut and fit for each of your bridal party, in a soft spring blush.

dusty pink bridesmaid dresses

Pastels and Deep Accents

Winter weddings are all about the jewel tones, but as Spring arrives, many brides come back to the softer pastel shades. Accentuate these with a deep accent, and you have got yourself a gorgeous spring wedding color palette that is pulled together perfectly.

berry pop of color wedding

Pair your soft colors with something that packs a stronger punch. Go with a pastel pink, lilac or grey tone and then add a pop of berry, or burgundy.

Pastel muted sage green and a pop of forest green. Or go with pastel blue, and a pop of deep navy. You get the idea!


Speaking of blue, this gorgeous color gives us a lot of options for a Spring wedding color palette. The most popular accent color for weddings all year round is actually navy blue, but Spring time is the time of sunny skies, new life and it is perfect for a light blue, dusty blue, or a cornflower blue accent.

blue wedding linen

A little blue goes a long way, you can use this color to accent in your table linens, or within your bouquet.

cornflower blue wedding color

Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are also a popular choice, and blue shoes are a playful way to add a pop of color to the brides own outfit, while staying classic with the bridal gown.

This is a fun way to include the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

blue wedding shoes

Garden Wedding

This is one of our absolute favourite Spring wedding themes. Springtime is the time of lush greenery and fresh colors, so it is perfect for the green color palette.

Sage green is one of the most popular shades for a spring green accent, or green bridesmaid dresses.

sage green garden spring wedding

These garden greens can be complimented with soft yellows, oranges and peaches to bring a rustic rural garden vibe. This is a fresh look for Spring and the colors work perfectly.

The best thing about the garden theme is that you can incorporate your favorite flowers, and keep it natural. It doesn’t have to be too “put together”, just let it flow organically.

rustic garden wedding

You can also add a delicate touch of green to your wedding cake, to pull the whole color scheme together.

A garden wedding theme compliments well with rustic wedding ideas, which is a great choice for outdoor events.

A simple baby’s breath floral bouquet is another great option for a minimalist garden wedding look, and being white this will coordinate with any of your other flower arrangements.

floral wedding cake

Bold Colors

Bold colors for weddings are trending right now. If you love color, then now is your time to shine.

Choose one or two bright colors and work them into your wedding color scheme for some daring but effective results.

bold pink flowers for wedding

Pink is a favorite for lovers of bright colors, without being too out there. Go with a bright bold shade of pink, for a vibrant feel that will lift everyone’s mood.

Bright blues, together with orange also make a gorgeous combination for floral bouquets or wedding table decor.

bold bright blue orange wedding flowers

You may think of bold bright colors as a summer color scheme for weddings, but Spring is here along with it’s share of sunshine and optimism and there is no need to hold back from a colorful style if that is what suits you best.

summer wedding colors

Spring Lavender

Lavender is another solid choice for your Springtime wedding. You can pair this lilac shade with accents of real lavender in your bouquets, table displays or even with cute little touches like these real lavender favor pouches.

lavender wedding favours

A deeper purple lavender shade is coming towards this year’s color of the year Very Peri (we will get to that at the end) whereas a subtle muted lavender color can lean more towards the blue end of the spectrum, so chose which type of lavender you want to go with and stay consistent.

lavender lilac flowers

Peach and Mint

This is a classic pastel color combination for Spring. These shades are fresh colors, that compliment each other really well.

peach and mint wedding

Using mint and peach accents you can create a color combination which is clean and refreshing. These pair really well with silver, for your metallic color.


Yellow may not be the first color you think of when you think about weddings, but it’s probably the first color you think of when it comes to Spring.

There are a few ways to include this classic Springtime color into your March, April or May wedding.

gold yellow wedding

You can go with yellow golds, paired with yellow flowers. Or go with soft yellows, along with white flowers. You could even go with daffodils in your bouquet for quirky and gorgeous springtime vibes.

soft yellow wedding flowers

Pantone Color of the Year 2022 Very Peri

If you like to keep up with color trends, then you may know this year’s color of the year as announced by Pantone is a shade called Very Peri which is a joyful and daring purple.

This shade fits into the bright and bold color trend which is gaining traction in the Spring wedding scene, and is also pairs really well with last year’s color of the year – gray – for a more muted and toned down look, with that gorgeous pop of purple.

very peri wedding color
very peri flowers

Is Spring a good time to have a wedding?

Spring is a romantic time of year, all that new life blossoming during the Spring season inspires us and gives us hope for the future. It’s the perfect time to take the leap and create a new life together as a couple!

May is more popular than April for weddings, as late Spring can offer weather that is more predictable with less chance of showers. But that’s not to say that March and April don’t work well for weddings too!

What flowers are good for a Spring wedding?

Consider these in season Spring flowers for your Springtime wedding

  • Baby’s Breath
  • Lavender
  • Peonies
  • Roses
  • Tulips
  • Freesia
  • Lilac
  • Calla lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Sweet pea
  • Daffodils
  • Ranunculus 
  • Anemones

When planning your wedding, be sure to consider your wedding invitations, along with your bridal gown, your hair, floral displays and table settings.


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