The Magnetic Pull of Mr./Ms. Wrong: The Psychology of Attraction and How to Break Free

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By Luciana Oliveira

Ever found yourself swooning over a potential partner only to realize they were SO wrong for you? You’re not alone! Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the psychology of attraction, where our brains love to play tricks on us, and we often end up falling for the wrong people.

Fear not, lovestruck friends, as we dive into the science behind this phenomenon and offer some tips on how to break free from the magnetic pull of Mr./Ms. Wrong.

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The Magnetic Lure of Mr./Ms. Wrong

Familiarity breeds…attraction?

As humans, we tend to gravitate towards the familiar. This means we’re more likely to fall for someone who shares a similar background, upbringing, or even physical features. Unfortunately, this familiarity can also be the basis for unhealthy patterns and toxic relationships, especially if we’re repeating unresolved issues from our past.

Opposites attract (but not always in a good way)

While we may be drawn to those who share our values and experiences, we can also be magnetically attracted to people who possess traits we lack. This “complementary attraction” can lead to a balanced partnership, but it can also create a volatile mix if the opposing qualities aren’t compatible.

The bad boy/girl allure

There’s no denying the undeniable allure of the “bad boy” or “bad girl.” This attraction is often driven by a desire for excitement, spontaneity, and a break from the mundane. However, this rollercoaster of emotions can lead to instability and emotional turmoil in the long run.

Breaking the Cycle: Attraction Detox

Self-awareness: Know thyself

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand your own patterns and preferences in relationships. Reflect on past relationships and identify any recurring themes or traits. Are you consistently drawn to a certain “type”? Understanding your relationship history can help you make better choices in the future.

Set your boundaries

Knowing your values and what you’re willing to accept in a relationship is crucial. Establish clear boundaries and stick to them. This will help you avoid falling into the same traps with the wrong people.

Reevaluate your “type”

If you find yourself repeatedly attracted to the wrong people, it may be time to reconsider your “type.” Make a list of qualities you desire in a partner and compare it to the traits of the people you’ve been attracted to in the past. Are there any discrepancies? If so, it might be time to shift your focus towards individuals who embody these desired qualities.

Give it time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a healthy, lasting relationship. Take the time to get to know someone before diving headfirst into a serious commitment. This will allow you to see if they genuinely align with your values and can help you avoid falling for Mr./Ms. Wrong yet again.

It Is More Common Than You Think

Falling for the wrong person is an all-too-common phenomenon that many individuals experience throughout their lives. There are various reasons why we find ourselves attracted to people who may not be the best match for us, and understanding these reasons can help us break the cycle of falling for unsuitable partners.

One reason why we fall for the wrong people is the influence of childhood experiences and attachment styles. Our upbringing, particularly our relationships with primary caregivers, has a profound impact on the way we relate to others as adults.

If we experienced an unhealthy or unstable attachment style in childhood, we might unconsciously gravitate towards partners who replicate these familiar patterns, even if they are not conducive to our well-being.

Looks Are Not Everything

Another factor contributing to our attraction to the wrong people is the role of physical attraction and chemistry. While physical attraction is an essential aspect of romantic relationships, it can sometimes lead us astray by causing us to overlook other important qualities, such as compatibility, shared values, and emotional intelligence.

When the initial spark of attraction fades, we may find ourselves in a relationship that does not meet our emotional needs or align with our long-term goals.

To break the cycle of falling for the wrong people, it is crucial to first develop self-awareness and understand the patterns that have led us to these relationships. Engaging in self-reflection, therapy, or journaling can help us identify the factors that contribute to our choice of partners and recognize any unresolved issues from our past that may be influencing our decisions.

Understanding The Underlying Issues

Once we have a better understanding of the underlying reasons, we can work on establishing healthier boundaries and seeking out relationships that align with our values and needs. This might involve reevaluating our priorities in a partner and being more mindful of the qualities that contribute to a stable and fulfilling relationship.

Another key aspect of breaking the cycle is cultivating self-love and self-worth. By recognizing and valuing our own needs, we are less likely to settle for relationships that do not serve us well. Taking the time to foster our emotional well-being and invest in personal growth will not only improve our relationship with ourselves but also help us attract healthier, more fulfilling partnerships.

Falling for the wrong person is often a result of unresolved childhood experiences, attachment styles, and an overemphasis on physical attraction. To break the cycle, we must develop self-awareness, establish healthier boundaries, and cultivate self-love, which will ultimately lead us to more satisfying and meaningful relationships.


The psychology of attraction can be a perplexing puzzle, but understanding why we fall for the wrong people is the first step towards breaking the cycle. By cultivating self-awareness, establishing boundaries, reevaluating our “type,” and taking our time, we can escape the magnetic pull of Mr./Ms.

Wrong and open ourselves up to healthier, happier relationships. Now go forth, lovelorn readers, and may you find the right one amidst the sea of wrongs!

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