Bear Paw Tattoo Meaning and Inspiration

Let’s take a look at all the meanings of the bear paw or bear claw tattoo, with pictures for inspiration to find the perfect design before you head to the tattoo studio.

Bear Claw Tattoo / Bear Paw Tattoo Designs

Polar bears, teddy bears, black bear and brown bear… each one brings up a different connotation and meaning when you bring them to mind.

But what does it mean if you get a bear claw tattoo, or a paw print tattoo?

In Native American culture, the bear is seen as a symbol of power and the bear claw is a symbol found in Native American totem poles.

The bear is a highly regarded animal in native cultures and the bear paw symbolises strength and healing.

bear paw

A softer rendition of the bear claw is a symbol of maternity – like a mama bear. This beautiful meaning symbolises the powerful protective love of a mother, and how we would do anything to protect our children just like the Mother bear. This meaning is linked with gentle spirited strength.

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