Before You Buy: Essential Points for Women Choosing a Rolex Watch

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By Luciana Oliveira

Rolex watches are the calling card of Switzerland. There is no person who has not heard about this famous brand. Another thing is that not everyone can afford them, and the manufacturer is more aimed at wealthy people. However, the design of chronometers will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. They symbolize luxury, good taste, and impeccable style. And also – a high degree of reliability.

Rolex is the perfect combination of style and function, a watch is very popular with women today. The policy of most companies is such that for women the main thing is the appearance of watches, and quality, accuracy, stability, and durability are not so important to them. Women Rolex watch, which will be discussed, proves that they are wrong. For many women, Rolex is the brand they intend to wear day in and day out; a loyal, lifelong companion that not only does the call of duty, thanks to its wide range of choices and high-quality materials, but also the fact that there is no need to compromise on style and femininity.

Rolex Women’s Watches

Rolex watches for women consist of several collections with characteristic features of each. Thanks to the widest range, every woman will find a suitable model and satisfy a wide variety of desires. Classification of Rolex lines:

  1. Datejust. The first certified self-winding watch with the date in a special window. A large collection is made with leather straps or a bracelet made of pure gold, steel, or a combination of different metals. Decorated with diamonds, emeralds, dusting, and mother-of-pearl.
  2. Day-Date. This ruler also displays the date, and the day of the week is also indicated in a special window on top. The distinguishing feature of this collection is that it consists only of gold and platinum and is designed for wealthy people, which is why it was nicknamed the “presidential watch”.
  3. Cosmograph Daytona. Sports mechanical watch intended for racing. They have a tachymeter scale with a stopwatch and display elapsed time.
  4. Oyster Perpetual. The extensive line of “oysters” includes a special women’s collection – Lady Oyster. It features a more refined bracelet and dial and is often adorned with precious stones.
  5. Pearlmaster. Sparkling luxurious collection with precious stones. They are generously studded with the dial, and the case, they replace the time indicators with diamonds and decorate the bracelet.
  6. Yachtmaster. Women’s models are decorated with stones. And the strap is made of rubber and 18-fold gold, which intertwines style and elegance. An excellent water resistance makes them many times more practical.

All of these women’s Rolex boast quality, precision, durability, style, and a five-year warranty: why settle for less when you’re looking for a life partner?

The main advantages of Rolex watches

The advantages of women’s watches of this brand can be listed indefinitely. But the main thing is that Rolex watches are different:

  • design exclusivity;
  • sparkling beautiful dial;
  • high precision clockwork;
  • using gold and precious metals of any shades;
  • unique logo, etc.

And all types of Rolex watches are covered by an international guarantee. The great advantage of this watch is the convenience and reliability of the clasp. Interestingly, the manufacturer puts the clasp of the product through many tests before launching it on sale. Great attention is paid to testing for water resistance. Each model, regardless of the year of manufacture, has a sealed case that reliably protects the clock mechanism from dust, moisture, strong shocks, and all types of pollution.

How to choose the perfect Rolex Women’s Watches?

The first thing to decide when buying a Rolex watch is what kind of movement it will have. There are two options – mechanical and quartz models. The mechanics are more reliable they are, of high quality and durable, but such watches usually require winding. If you are not sure that you can follow this, it is better to choose a model with mechanical winding of the watch, which occurs due to the movements of the owner of the watch with it on a hand.

A more modern option that does not require as much effort is quartz models or battery-powered watches. Both options offer accurate time but don’t have the classic charm of a mechanical one.

The next thing to define is the functions of the clock. If you only need them as an accessory, the simplest model that simply reflects the hours and minutes will suit you. But additional functions of the dial are also possible.

Most models have some additions: show the date, day of the week, have a stopwatch or show time in different time zones, reflect the moon phases or other information. All of these features can make an accessory more useful, but don’t overpay for options you don’t need.

Another important aspect is the material from which the watch is made. This affects not only the appearance but also the price of the product. Rolex offers models made from special alloys. So, 904L stainless steel has a special luster that looks stylish and sophisticated.

If you prefer unique colors and luxury models, you can choose rose, white or yellow gold. Rolex offers special types of Everose precious metals. And for the most extravagant buyers who like to impress, there are platinum models in the assortment.

How to distinguish the original from a fake?

Counterfeit Rolex watches are not uncommon on the market. To buy an original, you should pay attention to the price – low cost should alert you. Any flaw, even the smallest one, is also a sign of a fake.

At Rolex, only exclusive models of the highest quality are produced. And the main feature is that the back of the Rolex case is always glass.

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