Are wax melts worth it in the summer? Absolutely, here’s why!

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By Luciana Oliveira

As we welcome the warmer months of summer, the question of many fragrance lovers’ minds is: Are wax melts worth it in the summer? The short answer is a resounding YES! 

Despite the association of wax melts and the cosier fragrances with colder months, wax melts have numerous advantages that make them an excellent choice for the summer season. There is little doubt that things like wax melts, candles and other home fragrances are often more popular during the winter months, but they do sell all year round as who would not want their home smelling amazing every day?

Here are a few reasons why wax melts are totally worth the investment in the summer and warmer months. 

Beat the heat with fresh fragrances

Summertime is synonymous with fresh and invigorating scents. Imagine the crisp smell of the ocean, the tangy whiff of juicy citrus fruits, or the sweet aroma of blooming flowers. These are the essences of summer, and wax melts are a perfect way to bring these fragrances into your home. Wax melts come in an endless variety of scents, including many fresh and fruity options that can complement the summer season beautifully. Many wax melt companies offer fragrances in different categories to suit all tastes but also the time of the year, so check out the fresh and summer fragrances, especially the fruity ones. 

Long-lasting fragrance

Wax melts are known for their ability to release a rich, long-lasting fragrance. This quality is incredibly beneficial during the summer months when open windows, air conditioning, and fans can disperse and dissipate scents more rapidly than in colder months. A small piece of wax melt can deliver a powerful aroma that permeates your home, despite summer’s challenges. Consider that most of the leading and quality wax melts brands offer 40 – 60 hours burning time per wax melt, you really can get some serious burn time and amazing fragrances out of just a very small investment.

Keep The Change Going

Living in the UK we all know that summers are not always hot, and not every day will by be sunny, so wax melts are brilliant that you can change the fragrance as often as you like, with little to no effort. So if you fancy a bit of soapy goodness on a hot day, yet some amber and musk on a colder day, you can go for it, and just keep changing things up as often as you like (or can afford to!).

Keep unwanted odours at bay

Summer can bring about some less welcome smells as well – think sweaty clothes, used sports kits, damp beach gear, and the remains of the family barbecue. Having wax melts on hand can help combat these seasonal scents and keep your home smelling fresh and inviting no matter what the day brings. They really can be a naturally decent way of getting rid of the bad smells that the summer can bring, and whilst they might not cover every smell going, it is worth a try!

And to finish…

Too many people just assume a candle or wax melt is just for the winter, those cold dark and wet evenings, so tend to forget about them during the summer and this is something that needs to change. 

Wax melts are not only worth it for the summer months, but they also bring significant advantages during this season. From their vast array of summery scents and inherent safety to their ability to combat unwanted odours, wax melts are a fantastic choice. So go ahead, welcome the summer season with your favourite wax melts and let the aromatic magic waft through your home.

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