Your Guide to Tarot Card Meanings All 78 Cards of the Deck

Have you ever used a tarot deck? Tarot cards have been around since the 15th century and provide insightful meaning about how your life is going. Tarot readings can be done as a stand-alone reading or as part of a reading that also includes astrology, numerology, and other metaphysical arts.

Tarot readings are like a signpost to show you the way. They will tell you what you already know on some level, and help you find your own answers to the questions that matter most.

In this Tarot Card Meanings Guide, we will discuss what each card in the deck means and give you tips on how to read your tarot card spread.

Tarot Card Meanings: Get to Know Your Tarot Deck

Guide to Tarot Card meanings all 78 cards of the major and minor arcana

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The Best Crystals for Meditation and How to Use Them

Many people are aware of the many benefits of meditation. These benefits include stress relief, better sleep, improved immune system, improved productivity, and higher levels of happiness.

But how do Crystals enhance the benefits of meditation, and how do you use crystals to meditate?

In this blog post we will guide you through the practice of Crystal Meditation for beginners – also known as Stone Meditation.

crystals and incense for meditation

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