16 Powerful Celtic Symbols for Self Love

If you’re looking to love yourself and develop confidence, look no further. From the Celtic Ailm symbol of inner strength, to the Tree of Life, these are some of the most powerful symbols you can use to remind yourself of who you really are.

This list of meaningful ancient symbols can help you find ways to connect with your inner beauty, your true power and your authentic self.

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Choosing symbols for your Spiritual Self Love Journey

If you have Irish background, you may feel a connection to symbols deriving from the ancient Celts. We will walk you through popular Celtic symbols and explain the meanings and connection for spirituality and self love.

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22 Self Love Movies That Will Inspire You to Be Your Best Self

As many of you may know, I’m a huge fan of self-love. To make a conscious decision to love and accept yourself is one of the most powerful things that you can do for your mindset and well-being.

So naturally, as a self-growth junkie, I enjoy movies that can inspire as well as teach us a lot about the human experience and how to love ourselves as we are.

The list of movies we have put together has the full spectrum of deep impactful movies, and lighter romantic comedies with a feel good message. Either way, all of these movies offer a great way to inspire yourself and motivate you to reach for your goals.

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66 Powerful Female Empowerment Group Names for your Women’s Organisation

If you’re looking to add some female empowerment to your life, the first place to start is in your own circle of friends. Whether you’re a mom, a wife, an aunt or a friend, there are so many groups out there that can help empower you.

If you’re looking to get involved with a more formal group, in this blog post we will share some inspiration and ideas on how to name your female empowerment group. 

A  female empowerment group can provide women with a safe, supportive, and educational community to talk about what it’s like to be a woman in today’s world.

women's empowerment group

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50 Best Self Love Quotes and Captions for Instagram

50 Inspirational Self Love Quotes for Instagram That Inspire You to Be Your Best Self

Self-love is a tough thing to come by in this day and age. With so much emphasis on perfectionism, it can be hard to love ourselves. Sometimes we need to be our own hype person and make our own self feel good.

We all need a little inspiration every now and then so we’ve gathered together 50 of the best self-love quotes for Instagram to help you out when you’re writing a badass caption for the perfect selfie, or if you’re putting together your Instagram bio

These are little things, but when we face our self with positive energy every single day, you would be surprised on the impact it can have. So put a little self-love at the top of your to-do list. 

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Positive Affirmations for Healing, Health and Happiness

What would happen if you told yourself every single day how awesome you were? What would you accomplish? Would it change your life?

Today we’re taking a look at some of the top positive affirmations for health, happiness and healing. But don’t just take our word for it—let’s find out how positive affirmations can really help with your health, happiness and well being.

If you’re looking to change specific areas of your life, such as your health, your diet and exercise habits, daily affirmations can play an important role in this.

I strongly believe that mental health and physical health are all connected in a very powerful way. It starts with you on the inside. When you are suffering with low self worth, or carrying trauma, or deeply unhappy, this will affect your overall health including your physical health.

By going through the healing process, although it is not an instant thing, you will start to notice real changes in your whole life. The use of positive affirmations and positive thoughts is one aspect. Everyone’s journey is different, and can be complex but once you start on that path to changing the way you see yourself, everything changes.

you are worthy of love

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