Discover How to Practice Transcendental Meditation

Welcome to a world of inner peace and tranquility, where you can experience a heightened state of consciousness with the help of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. Developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1950s, TM has gained popularity worldwide as an effective way to calm the mind and attain a state of deep relaxation.

TM is a specific form of meditation that involves the use of a mantra, or a sound, which is repeated silently during a meditation session. While there are many forms of meditation, TM is unique in that it does not require any effort or concentration. Rather, it is a simple and effortless technique that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their age, background or lifestyle.


To learn the TM technique, it is important to seek out a certified TM teacher. This teacher will guide you through the practice and help you to achieve the deepest level of relaxation possible. The TM technique is easy to learn, but it is important to have a certified teacher to ensure that you are practicing correctly and getting the most out of your TM practice.

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Cord Cutting Meditation: A Comprehensive Guide to Releasing Emotional Ties

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years as a means of improving mental and emotional well-being, but what is cord cutting meditation?

Cord cutting meditation is a type of meditation that is designed to help individuals release negative emotional ties to people, events, and experiences.

If you are looking to improve your spiritual well-being and release negative energy, then cord cutting meditation may be a helpful tool for you.

how to do cord cutting mediation with free printable step by step instructions

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10-Minute Self Kindness Guided Meditation

For today’s quick meditation, I wanted to explore the power of self kindness. Self-kindness is basically the opposite of being judgmental towards yourself. It’s simply recognizing the good things about yourself, while also having compassion and empathy for the things you might not like about yourself.

In this 10 minute guided meditation, you’ll be using self-kindness as a vehicle to release yourself from the negative thoughts and feelings that cause you to act unkindly toward yourself.

self kindness meditation

 It will help you focus on being compassionate and kind to yourself, directing positive energy and positive emotions towards yourself. It’s a simple, quick, yet very effective way to let go of self-judgement and negativity.

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