Rice Water Recipe for Hair Growth (3 Versions)

When it comes to hair, there are all kinds of products you can buy. But one of the most effective products for hair growth and healthier hair is simply rice water that we can make at home. 

Many people notice results from the first wash, so give it a try and add rice water to your hair care routine.

making rice water

Benefits of Rice Water

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Healthy Veggie Pizza Recipe

This is a simple, flavorful, healthy, vegetarian pizza recipe that will appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike. It’s also pretty darn easy to make at home.

Pizza is a wonderful treat when made with fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden, but sometimes the thought of making it from scratch can be daunting. In this healthy veggie pizza recipe we have a quick hack for you, using salad toppers to add flavor.

This quick and easy recipe is an excellent way to satisfy your pizza cravings without the extra calories.

veggie pizza healthy recipe

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Tools for Creating More Happiness In Your Life

By Anne Jones, author of How to Heal

There are, sadly, many reasons why we can feel depressed, unmotivated and unfulfilled, when our world becomes grey instead of vibrant and upbeat, when a sense of wellbeing is elusive.

You may be coming out of a spell in hospital recovering from an illness or operation. You may have been through extreme stress, which can deplete your adrenals, or you are struggling with grief from a breakup or losing a loved one.

Or you may have hit a beige period of your life when you feel simply drained and just getting through the day is heavy going, yet you cannot put your finger on why you feel that way. 

That’s the time when you need additional motivation, guidance and support to get back on track.

Here are some tools and ideas that can help you get back to your happy zone.


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Best Incense for Meditation: 11 Scents To Try

Many people are drawn to incense as an aid to achieving serenity and tranquility, and in this post we will help you find the best incense sticks for your meditation session.

If you want to create a space that’s conducive to meditation, you have to be intentional about it. Setting up the right calming environment, with a peaceful and clean space, relaxing scents, and somewhere to sit comfortably, will put you in the best position to get the most out of your meditation.

burning incense sticks

In our fast-paced world where everyone is constantly running around, it is difficult to find the time to sit and reflect. But doing so is necessary to attain peace of mind – and using incense can help you get into that meditative state.

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How To Pick Your Manifestations

Choosing Your Manifestations

Before you can begin manifesting whether it is by using crystals, by writing a manifestation list, or any other methods and manifestations tools, you first need to decide what you want to manifest.

This can be a lot easier said than done. Once you realize you can have whatever you can imagine, you feel a lot of pressure to “get it right”.

But don’t worry, your intuition will guide you in the right direction.

What Should I Manifest Right Now?

Stuck on where to focus your manifestation energy?

Here are 5 simple questions that will help you find the right path, and start manifesting.

What Do You Need Right Now?

Think about what you really need in your life right now. Not your dreams or what you want, but what would serve you best in your current situation.

Not all manifestations are just fun things you want in your life; sometimes they are what you need the most during that season of life.

peaceful and confident

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Which is The Perfect Houseplant for Each Zodiac Sign?

House plants are the perfect addition to your home, to add some greenery and tranquility – All of these plants have the ability to purify the air in any space – from simply converting CO2, to cleansing the air of a number of chemical pollutants…

… but which house plant should you choose, to align with your zodiac sign?

Each sign comes with different traits, and we can bear this in mind when choosing gemstones and crystals, flowers, or even finding the best type of self care for our zodiac sign.

which houseplant is best for my zodiac sign

We investigated which houseplant is most suitable for each zodiac sign, and we’re ready to share the results so that everyone can join the houseplant hysteria, with some greenery that’s just right.

We analysed the main characteristics of each zodiac sign and each plant to work out which greenery is the perfect match for you.


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What does Angel Number One Mean? 1 Angel Number Meaning Explained

Have you been noticing the number 1 everywhere – maybe 111? or 11:11?

You see it on the time when you look at the clock, on a license plate, in phone numbers and addresses.

But why does it feel like this number is trying to catch your attention?

We will walk you through the Angel Number 1 Meaning. Let us help you out if you have been asking yourself “Why am I seeing the number 1 and what does it symbolise?”

spiritual meaning of number 1

What are Angel Numbers?

First up, if you’re new to this let’s explain what exactly are angel numbers.

Angel numbers can be sequences of numbers or individual numbers, but commonly come in groups of three like 111, 222 or 333.

angel number 111 explained

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What is Low Impact Living? (7 Ways to Get Started)

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘low impact living’ and wondered what it means?

Low impact living refers to the amount of impact you have on the planet.

Low impact living is living in a way that you are reducing your impact on the Earth and on it’s natural resources. That’s at its absolute basic breakdown, but it goes deeper than that.

Low environmental impact is all about depleting the Earth’s resources as little as possible, and links in with the zero-waste movement. Which are of course all ways for us to be eco-friendly.

Here’s what it means to live a low impact life.

for the world

How to Achieve Low Impact Living, 7 Ways

You have to really plan to live a low impact lifestyle today.

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Bear Paw Tattoo Meaning and Inspiration

Let’s take a look at all the meanings of the bear paw or bear claw tattoo, with pictures for inspiration.

Bear Claw Tattoo / Bear Paw Tattoo Designs

Polar bears, teddy bears, black bear and brown bear… each one brings up a different connotation and meaning when you bring them to mind.

But what does it mean if you get a bear claw tattoo, or a paw print tattoo?

In Native American culture, the bear is seen as a symbol of power and the bear claw is a symbol found in Native American totem poles.

The bear is a highly regarded animal in native cultures and the bear paw symbolises strength and healing.

bear paw

A softer rendition of the bear claw is a symbol of maternity – like a mama bear. This beautiful meaning symbolises the powerful protective love of a mother, and how we would do anything to protect our children just like the Mother bear. This meaning is linked with gentle spirited strength.

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